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Sony FX9 Full Frame Camera

Sony FX6 Full Frame Camera

Sony A7S3 Full Frame Camera

MAVIC Drone for Aerials

Various GOPRO Action Cameras/Mounts

Ari, RED, Canon Cameras Available Upon request 



Sony G Master 28-135 for Run and Gun
Zeiss Loxia Primes 21mm,35mm,50mm,85mm 

Sony G Master Primes 14mm, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm
Sony 16-35mm, 18-110 G Series Lens
Canon L-Series 100mm Macro, 14mm Wide Angle
Additional Lenses Available



Sound Devices 633 Mixer/Multitrack Recorder
Lectrosonics UHF  Transmitter/Receiver Combos (4)
Stereo Lectrosonics Camera to Mixer hop

Schoeps cmit 5u Boom/Shotgun Mic
Senheiser 418s Boom/Shotgun Mic 
Tram and Sanken Lavalier Mics
RE-50 Handheld Mics with Lectro plug transmitters
Timecode Sync Between Cameras/Mixer for Transcriptions or Editing




  • Intellitech 2X2 Soft LED Key Light (2)

  • Apurture 60X Fresnels (2) 

  • Quasar Tube Lights (2) 

  • Large Silk with Grid for Soft Key Lighting

  • Lupo 2X1 Super Panel LED Light

  • Lupo 1X1 Super Panel LED Lights (2)

  • Lupo 1X1 Ultra Panel LED Light (Soft Box) 

  • Lightpanel 1X1 LED Panel Lights (2)

  • Dedo Fresnels (3) 

  • Litepanel Bi-Color Camera Light

  • KINOFLO Diva 200 (2) 

  • Various Grip Gear, Silks, Etc.. 

  • Grip Truck, Larger HMI Lighting Setups Available 



  • Small HD 13" Production Monitor

  • Small HD 7" Monitor with Wireless

  • Small HD 5" Ultra Monitor

  • Ronin SC2 Gimbal with Sony A7S3

  • Nano Computerized Slider with Sony A7S3

  • Sachtler Flow Tech Tripod

  • Sactler 18 Tripods (2)

  • Chrosziel Two Stage Matt Box with Various Filters 

  • Additional Support Items Available

Bill at Computer from MPG 4 Video .jpg


  • Mac Pro 8 Core with 64G RAM 

  • Promise 23 TB Raid 6 Raid 

  • Apple Thunderbolt Cinema Displays (2) 

  • Adobe CC Suite- Premiere, After Effects

  • Final Cut Pro X 

  • Comfortable Edit Suite with WIFI, Parking, Cafe, Small Market and Restrooms 

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